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“Very little is needed to make a happy life; it is all within yourself, in your way of thinking.” – Marcus Aurelius

Turning your empty walls into a stunning showplace only requires your creative imagination. You can decorate any wall in a modern, stylish way to express your personality. Or you may wish to highlight a more simplistic style. Either way doesn’t mean boring. The walls in your home are meant to show off whatever you wish to make it more comfortable and pleasing to the eye.

For rooms that have three walls, any corner will benefit with stylish lighting. A set of elegant wall candle sconces will add warmth and beauty to an empty corner. Lights are also appropriate for your living room and bedroom walls. They will create an atmosphere of relaxation as well as elegance.

Other ways to decorate your empty walls and take your home to the next level is to use unique hanging wall planters. Various choices for planters include: hanging planter pot sets, mounted metal wall pot planters, planters with pots set inside of intricate wire designs, and trellis wall planters with metal pots. Any one will give your walls a distinct look.

If you’re looking to inspire or bring forth your individuality, try going with inspirational signs or cheerful wall plaques. Some of these styles may include: linen wall art with humorous messages; signs in metal wall art designs, like a metal wall art plaque of beautiful butterflies. Or, try a plaque with a scrolled work of art. Then there are welcome signs, and signs or plaques with family blessings.

Small changes can make a big difference in room after room. A new item can accent and enhance an empty corner. You can actually train your mind to visualize what item will work best for which wall. Do you prefer decorative wall mirrors, or elegant wall clocks? How do you feel about wall sculptures and wall lanterns? Are storage racks or wall shelving a must have item?

The choices for beautiful or basic home décor is limitless and left up to your imagination and taste. Make your choices fit your budget, your time, your effort, and your need. And of course, making your selection is half the fun. After you place your new item on your empty wall, you can show it off and enjoy it for months to come.

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Gerri is an online entrepreneur in the home décor retail field. Best In Wall Art presents and offers all unique, elegant and tasteful design items that will show off the walls in your home and make them look their best. It’s always fun to help others add interesting ideas from our collection in wall art, decorative mirrors, hanging sculptures, planters, sconces, and more to your home décor.


An online entrepreneur in the home decor retail field. A love of presenting and offering all unique, elegant and tasteful designs that show off the walls in your home to look their best. My skills and passions include being creative, writing about and sharing my design choices with like minded consumers. It's always fun to help others add interesting ideas in wall art, mirrors, hanging sculptures, planters, sconces, and more to their home decor.