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“The measure of who we are is what we do with what we have.” – Vince Lombardi

Look around your home now. Is it what you wish it to look like? Is everything in its proper place? Or, are you comfortable with the way each item is displayed and used? Who’s to know or say what you place where in your own home, or whether your walls lack any visible artwork. You are the master, right?

When you are ready to change or add new home décor items to the spaces in your living room, your kitchen, bedroom or bathroom, the details are up to you. So, what would you change or add first? Go for what pleases you most or what’s important to you that may need changing now.

Are you tried of looking at the same bare walls? Try hanging a mirror with an unusual and elegant shape. This may be just the thing to add an atmosphere of bold charm and also highlight that side of the room. Or you can light up a dark corner of the living room with a beautiful candleholder sconce that will create a cheery mood. Other types of lighting like hanging lanterns or a pair of decorative candleholder lights will provide brightness in dark spaces.

Other unique and decorative home décor designs that you won’t find in everyone else’s home are hanging wall planters or decorative storage bins and shelves. Not only are the wall planters pleasing to the eye, they are a different way for those of you with a “green thumb” to show off your skills. Storage bins are useful and indispensable when wishing to conceal private papers and are suitable for keeping other items out of sight.

Distinctive details of many home décor designs can make your individual taste and creative ability stand out. When you are the one doing the redecorating, choose your items wisely. Only you know what excites you and what seems best for every room, every wall and every space and corner. Placing each item where and how comes with the details. Make them count!


An online entrepreneur in the home decor retail field. A love of presenting and offering all unique, elegant and tasteful designs that show off the walls in your home to look their best. My skills and passions include being creative, writing about and sharing my design choices with like minded consumers. It's always fun to help others add interesting ideas in wall art, mirrors, hanging sculptures, planters, sconces, and more to their home decor.