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“Believe you can and you are halfway there.” -Theodore Roosevelt

In almost every part of daily living, your emotions, your attitude and your current circumstances contribute to your inner spirit. When any of these feelings are positive, it may depend upon the kind of solutions you wish for yourself. When you express a negative spirit it can lead you to an unpleasant experience or a personal crisis.

Find the joy that comes with staying at home. If your home décor doesn’t work for you now, try making changes. What makes you joyful? What brings you peace? Create fun things to do that can take your mind off unpleasant situations. Treat yourself to things that make you laugh. Do them often. Your heart and your health will thank you for them.

Does your home display items that create positive reactions? For example, with stylish hanging picture frames you can easily show off photos of your past travel expeditions or fun trips. Many of us have collected and kept lots of pictures. Pick out images that may bring a smile or two. Other pictures may bring back pleasant memories. The idea is to express a spirit of joy.

Does religion play a part in your home? Are you willing to rely on your spirituality to get you through these stay at home moments? If so, decorating your rooms or bare walls with a classy, contemporary cross candle wall sconce would soothe and quiet your stress. Just viewing an elegant hanging wall cross may also replenish your inner strength.

Pay attention to how your choice of wall art and home décor corresponds with the visual impressions you’re trying to show. Your choices have the power to make a good impression, or not. It all depends on your tastes for whatever items you select to fill your home.

Do your tastes lean more toward the fashionable and trendy, or the everyday basic style? Either way, there are many selections to choose from to make the rooms and walls in your home into a pretty showplace, or just a comfortable space to live. As a result, the individual items you choose can renew your spirit and light up your life.

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Gerri is an online entrepreneur in the home décor retail field. Best In Wall Art presents and offers all unique, elegant and tasteful design items that will show off the walls in your home and make them look their best. It’s always fun to help others add interesting ideas from our collection in wall art, decorative mirrors, hanging sculptures, planters, sconces, and more to your home décor.


An online entrepreneur in the home decor retail field. A love of presenting and offering all unique, elegant and tasteful designs that show off the walls in your home to look their best. My skills and passions include being creative, writing about and sharing my design choices with like minded consumers. It's always fun to help others add interesting ideas in wall art, mirrors, hanging sculptures, planters, sconces, and more to their home decor.