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“You have power over your mind – not outside events. Realize this and you will find strength.” – Marcus Aurelius

When you are ready to redecorate your home or add new home accents, start small. Choose your changes with care and a view toward making each change worthy of the space. This is important because you have less space to work with. Adding something like a narrow wall storage shelf will make the room seem more organized.

You can also enhance a small space by adding a small decorative mirror. Your room will shine with an eye-catching geometric framed mirror that will make a bold statement in the living room, the entry way or any special space. A unique touch with a tiny space is to place four tiny squared mirrors, or four small circular mirrors in the center or middle corner of any wall.

Another trick with using mirrors in small spaces is to fill up a room with different sizes of mirrors. This creates the impression of the room being spacious and larger than it is. However, this only works if the room has a window that reflects the daylight on the mirrors. But it’s worth giving it a creative try. The effort in creating the illusion will give a bigger appearance to the small room.

Making a big difference with small changes is to know what your choices are. Redecorating with wall art is a useful alternative . There are many selections available in wall décor items. From hanging planters to hanging photo frames , the choices are limitless. It‘s all in your individual taste .and style. When choosing, just make sure the proportions don’t overpower the space or the wall. If the item is too large, the room will look even smaller.

Attention-getting candle holder tea-lights may add charm and bring light to a small, dark corner. In small rooms, decorative candle holder sconces can also highlight areas of your walls. Not only are they stylish choices, but can make a room more inviting and cozy.

Modern home décor whether it’s for a small, medium, or large room can be warm, comfortable, and elegant. Make sure your decorative choices fit within your budget. Creativity doesn’t have to be expensive. Nor, do small items always cost a fortune. Look for sensible styles that will work in small spaces or small rooms in your home. Once you figure out what you want to change, add, replace, or redecorate, your choices will make a big difference.


An online entrepreneur in the home decor retail field. A love of presenting and offering all unique, elegant and tasteful designs that show off the walls in your home to look their best. My skills and passions include being creative, writing about and sharing my design choices with like minded consumers. It's always fun to help others add interesting ideas in wall art, mirrors, hanging sculptures, planters, sconces, and more to their home decor.